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Why should we Smile?

Three women smile confidently.

Why should we Smile? Essentially, a smile is just the contraction of a few facial muscles and the movement of lips, but why make the effort? How does smiling benefit our everyday lives? Below are 6 reasons why you should find more reasons to smile and the positive affects smiling can have on a person…

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Why we have Bad Breath

Woman smells her own breath

Why we have Bad Breath Bad breath is a common ailment that affects most people on a daily basis. There are a number of factors that play a role in creating bad breath. When we understand these factors, we are able to prevent or combat them. Factors that lead to Bad Breath Saliva: We normally…

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8 things you Didn’t Know about your Spit

From the time we are born Saliva plays an important role in our dental health

8 things you Didn’t Know about your Spit Saliva is an essential part of your dental health and is responsible for many other mechanisms in the body from helping us taste to containing a natural painkiller. It may end up crusted on our pillows but there are many other weird and wonderful properties of saliva…

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