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Gum Grafting in Sandy, UT

Gum Grafting in Sandy, UT If you have been diagnosed with gum disease and were told you need treatment, you might be wondering “What is periodontal surgery?” Periodontal surgery is usually recommended when the tissue surrounding a tooth is damaged and cannot be repaired without surgical treatment. For example, receding gums occurs when the gum tissue becomes infected and begins to detach from the surface of the tooth, creating a recession downward toward the root. If you are suffering from receding gums in Midvale, UT, you might need to visit Dr. Thomas Dickson for gum grafting surgery.

Gum grafting surgery repairs receding gums by borrowing tissue from one area of the mouth and attaching it to the gum line. Over time, the tissue sample will naturally fuse with the existing gum tissue to create a higher gum line. Gum grafting can be performed three different ways:

  • A connective-tissue graft involves cutting a flap of skin from the roof of the mouth so that a tissue sample can be taken from underneath the flap.
  • A free gingival graft fixes receding gums by taking the tissue sample directly from the roof of the mouth without the need to cut a skin flap.
  • Pedicle grafts borrow tissue directly from the gum line. First a flap of skin is cut from the gums and pulled upward so that the root is covered. Then the tissue is held in place with stitches until it has properly healed.

Because the gum line acts as a protective layer between the tooth root and harmful bacteria, receding gums can be quite damaging. Some patients also find their teeth to appear large and unattractive once the gum line begins to recede. Using gum grafting surgery to repair receding gums can be both healthy and cosmetically pleasing. If you are experiencing gum recession, contact Dr. Dickson to schedule a consultation today!

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