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Three women smile confidently.

Why should we Smile?

Three women smile confidently.

Why should we Smile?

Essentially, a smile is just the contraction of a few facial muscles and the movement of lips, but why make the effort? How does smiling benefit our everyday lives? Below are 6 reasons why you should find more reasons to smile and the positive affects smiling can have on a person and their surroundings.

6 Reasons to Smile

1.Smiling Makes you Feel Good
Studies show that a genuine smile affects certain muscles that make you feel happy. It creates a great never-ending circle of happiness. You smile because you are happy, which hits certain muscles that sends your brain endorphins or ‘happy signals’, resulting in you smiling even more.

2. Smiling is Contagious.
Most people are unable to resist smiling back at a friendly face. So why not make someone’s day and smile at a stranger. It just keeps the circle of happiness turning. Who knows, when you are having a bad day, someone may smile at you, and turn your day around.

3. A Smiling Face is an Attractive Face
Men are more attracted to women who are smiling, or who smile more often. Studies have proven that men actually find women, without makeup, who smile more attractive than women who wear makeup but don’t smile. It seems natural, inner beauty is the best makeup! However, the American Psychological Association did a study that found that women find men who look ‘brooding’ more attractive. Practically the opposite reaction than what men have to women. Go figure!

4. You sound as friendly as you look
You can definitely tell a difference in someone’s voice depending on whether they are smiling/genuinely happy and when they are straight faced. Smiling while talking to someone in person or over the phone immediately makes you sound more friendly and engaging, which is a great way to achieve better customer service or enhance a relationship.

5. Smiling makes you live longer
Our emotional health is linked to our physical health. Since smiling means you are happier, you will likely live a longer, more relaxed life. Smiling even boosts your immune system. On average you can live up to 7 years longer!

6.You are more likely to get that promotion
Those who smile often are more likely to be thought of as having more confidence and as being sociable. Managers will view these people as better candidates to move up in the workplace.

No wonder smiling is the most common facial expression when it feels and looks so good! It is all the more reason to look after your smile by maintaining your oral hygiene, so you can smile with confidence, everyday.

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