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A dental syringe is filled with a clear liquid.

The Pros and Cons of Computer Controlled Injections in Dentistry

Modern dentistry uses a vast range of technological gadgets to give patients the best dental care possible. One of the ways in which technology is aiding the comfort of patients is through computer-controlled injections.

The thought of having an injection in the mouth does not sit well with most patients and can cause some individuals to not seek dental help for fear of needing an injection. Computer controlled injections aim to take away this fear and ensure a pleasant dental experience by injecting an optimal dose of anesthetic at the optimal flow rate for minimum discomfort.

If you are going to be undergoing a dental procedure that requires anesthesia in the near future, you may want to speak to your dentist about computer controlled injections and whether or not they can be used in your procedure. It is worth knowing if your dentist uses modern technology in their practice as the advantages given to dentists by these modern tools have a great impact on patient experience.


General Advantages of Computer Controlled Injections


  • Less general pain during the injection, especially in areas where there is solid, tight tissue mass (i.e. the palate).
  • Slower injection rate decreases the spread of anesthesia to other areas of the mouth other than the desired location.
  • Reduced pressure on injection location (this can be crucial in delicate dental surgeries).
  • Possible reduced post-surgery pain.
  • General increase in comfort throughout procedure.

General Disadvantages of Computer Controlled Injections

  • More time is needed to set up, disinfect and take down the injection before and during a procedure.
  • Since the injection slowly injects the anesthesia into a patient, the needle will remain in the tissue until it is complete. Anxious patients may have difficulty with the needle being in their mouth for a longer period of time than normal injections, although the pain is reduced.
  • Computer controlled injections are more expensive than normal injections.

At Creekstone Dental we offer our patients Comfort Control™ Syringe technology, which is a pre-programmed anesthetic delivery device. Since it is a computer-controlled injection, it is more predictable, comfortable and a more effective form of pain management. This allows our patients, especially those with dental anxiety, to feel at ease in the dentist’s chair. For more information or to book an appointment, contact our Midvale office today.


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