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What Expecting Mothers Should Know about their Dental Health

Pregnant women should be aware there is a link between poor oral health and pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy comes with many huge biological and physical bodily changes, and it effects your mouth too! Expecting mothers should be aware of the changes they can expect in their mouths, as well as their body and lifestyle. What Dental Conditions Develop During Pregnancy? Pregnancy Gingivitis Your gums may become a little tender or inflamed during…

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Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

A man wipes blood from his gums.

Bleeding gums can be a sign of the development of different diseases or a lack of vitamins. Alternatively, it can be a side effect of certain medications or the result of improper dental care. Here are several different factors that can cause your gums to bleed. 10 Common Causes of Bleeding Gums Gingivitis The main…

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