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Question of the day: “I lost one of my upper side teeth five years ago and want it replaced–why do I need a sinus lift?”

When upper teeth are removed, the maxillary sinus enlarges to push down into the space where the tooth was inside the bone [which is called pnuematization of the maxillary sinus].   As the bone heals, it leaves an atrophied maxillary bone ridge which is too small to support an implant [the artificial tooth root replacement].   If you want a dental implant in this area, we will need to regrow the bone where the sinus intruded into the maxillary ridge–which is called a sinus lift.   The video shows the process–we are simply re-making the foundation of the dental implant.   In summery of the sinus lift process:   bolts under stress need firm material for support, dental implants need bone for the same reason.


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