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“My gums over my lower front teeth are receding and I hate it. How can this be fixed?”

If the skin over your lower anterior teeth is receding, the cause is usually one of two things:   First, a muscle in the midline connecting the lips to your gums.   This muscle pulling causes the skin to ‘slide’ little off your gums.   Second, the thickness of your gums could be too thin [called a thin biotype] and this causes the gums to recede with time–and unless this is treated recession will get worse.   How is it treated with gum graft?  Here’s a video demonstration of one surgical alternative,  called a free gingival graft which is done when the gingival tissue to too thin to perform a ‘pin-hole’ type graft.    There are other surgical alternatives, including the sliding coverage graft, sub-epithelial free gingival grafts and pin-hole grafting–which are not shown here [stay tuned for further installments].

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